about us

Aech (āch) n. An artist and all around creative. Gives all of oneself for the love of the work, lives for passion and beauty.
Babu (bæbu:) n. An analytically minded high achiever. Loves to win and is willing to work hard for it, thrives on self-improvement.
The African Honey Bee. Our beloved mascot. Thriving on every continent, she is a fearless lover, warrior, and friend. Governed by her own rules, she trusts her gut and remains authentic, no matter what anyone thinks about it.
Together we are the American Dream personified. We believe that greatness is our birthright and fashion our most powerful tool. Forged in the fire of humble beginnings, we grind today for an even brighter tomorrow.
Our aesthetic is artful, crafted, and authentic. And whether you are all Aech, all Babu, or a combination of the two, welcome home. We look forward to dressing you.

Aech and Babu. For those who love first.